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What is Twitter2Press ?

Have you ever noticed that the pictures you send along with your tweets ends on public images hosting services ? These hosting services put ads around your content, and can make traffic (and money) with YOUR pictures.
Twitter2Press is a little plugin that'll transform your Wordpress in a image hosting service. So, your images will still be your property, and the generated traffic will be yours.

This plugin will communicate with the wonderful Twitter client for iPhone Tweetie, very easily.
Once your picture has been uploaded, the plugin will grab the content of the associated tweet when it's available.

And, one more thing : Twitter2Press is free !

You can find an example of Twitter2Press on my personnal gallery, available at NewsdeGeek

How does it work ?

Twitter2Press is a plugin that can communicate with Tweetie 2 for the images uploads.
Simply follow these steps :
  1. Download Twitter2Press here
  2. Upload in the wp-content/plugins Wordpress directory
  3. Activate the plugin in Wordpress
  4. Configure the plugin, by specifiying the page that'll host the gallery, and your Twitter credentials
VoilĂ , the plugin is ready. Easy, isn't it ?

NB : We encourage you to create a special page in Wordpress to host your gallery. And what about naming it "Gallery" ? ;)

Now, le's setup Tweetie. Just a few seconds, and you'll get your personnal gallery !
  1. Launch Tweetie. On the "Accounts" page, choose "Settings"
  2. In "Image Service", choose "Custom..."
  3. Type in your Wordpress URL in the field
  4. Save
Now everytime you'll upload a picture from Tweetie, the link will point to YOUR Wordpress gallery. The traffic will we your, instead of losing it with an image hosting service.

Where can I get Twitter2Press ?

You can download it at the following URL :